Hey I'm Joe, or Joseph, whichever you prefer idc xD
I'm 17 although I look younger ;-;
5'7, skinny despite my best efforts not to be
Love Xbox, anime, drawing, reading, music -particularly metal
If you like either Trivium, BMFV or Protest The Hero, we are gonna be good freaking friends
I'm also pansexual (people who don't know what it is, feel free to ask. People who are too ignorant to accept it as a thing, come say hi so I can rant at you)
JPSmith24 JPSmith24
18-21, M
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You should try lifting weights. I gained almost 20 pounds and am still getting bigger.

I have an illness man, it's not as simple as that

Oh bummer what's that

A combination of a ridiculously high metabolism (not an illness) and hypoglycaemia

As well as something that means I have really low blood sugar levels all the time, but not sure what yet

Why would hypoglycemia make you skinny

That's not what makes me skinny, it makes it dangerous for me to do much exercise

It sometimes hits me when I have been sat down for too long and then stand up xD

Oh, that makes sense

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Dude you sound awesome! And you like the same things as me, I LOVE anime, drawing, reading and music :P And Im ok with Xbox but Play station for me mostly :)

Awesome ahaha

Whats pansexual? Is it like an attraction to kitchen appliances? Haha :p

Pansexual is like being bi, except you like guys, girls, people who are a little of both, people who were one but are now the other, people who identify as neither, etc

It's basically liking everyone including trans, androgynous and all other non-binary (I think that's what it's called) genders

I get it. You're attracted to the person right? No matter their sex. Thats pretty cool man :)

Aha that's basically it!

Thats great :) i'm into ny rock/metal too

I don't totally understand how this is different than being bi sexual

People who are bi only like guys and girls, people who are bi like guys, girls, trans and everything else

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