I want a true friend, someone near my age. I want to be able to tell that person anything and everything, and vice versa. I moved to another city a little over year ago. It hasn’t been easy for me to make friends at this new school I go to. I've become close to one person, but now we've been drifting apart. I'm hoping to find someone who is interested in a true friend, if you are then you can message me.
Frannyj Frannyj
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 27, 2014

I'm 15. I am a guy, idk if that matters to you. I'm actually good at conversation, (very rare).

you already find a few friends... chin up and treasure them

You can talk to me. Im 15.

So am I, actually. You can message me whenever:)!

keep it up, you will find someone to talk too, but be careful , sometimes we look to far when actually what we need it's right in front of us