Who wants to be friends??! I'm a happy person, I'm very friendly, but don't just come asking for a relationship. That will be an automatic "no", just stating things, no rudeness intended.😊 but, text me or anything.😊
MsRunaway MsRunaway
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this is in hindi language :- mujhse dosti karoge ?

Oh, nice! What's it mean??:)

it mean-will you be my friend ....

by the way without knowing the meaning how could u say "nice"?

Of course, I will be your friend. Haha. And.. I have no idea:/ I confuse myself sometimes and I might just be thinking too much on that. Haha

if u keep talking to me u will learn hindi very soon ... and thinking too hard is injurious to health ha ha ha

Yay! I love learning new things! And yes, it is:D

same here i love learning too ...

I love when I have things in common with people:) I never knew there were people just like me out there:D

according to science also there are 6 people in world is almost like you only may be i m also one of them .. ;-)

Yes! You must be one!

oh yeah ....... u look handsome lol


ha ha ha hoo hoo

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MSrunaway I would actually like to have a chat with you if you have a topic or question. I am an expert on most things worth knowing. I am pervert, in a lot of ways, but that is not something that I have any desire to raise your awareness about. Ask a question about psychology and social dynamics.

Well, I will keep you in mind, when I have a question:) thanks.

I have a question. Aside from the obvious questionable motives.
Why do you think old men want to have conversations with young girls on this site?

It is an interesting question I have been thinking about.

Well... Some older people may actually be innocent and want nothing to do with young girls in the perverted ways, but some do. And I guess that's an automatic thought, because you hear so much about older people raping younger people. And that's actually happened to several people at my old school. I'm not saying that all of the older generation are bad people, I'm not.

Good honest answer. writing a response but it is turning to a "story".
I'll send you a link when I've written it,


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How about touching?


hahaha,never heard of such perv,i have to congrat you for being creative perv