I want to make friends but i don't know how. Im afraid that ill get attached and they will leave just like everyone else
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I'll be your friend

You just have to risk it

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Im atheist

In general I find that ppl do what is right for them above all else Does that mean leaving without a goodbye? Moving on without so much as a nod? Perhaps But the real question is 'What does it have to do with you?' Are you a good friend? Do you truly care for ppl? If the answer is yes then perhaps it hasn't anything to do with you and more to do with the ppl your choosing to be friends with A relationship of any kind takes time and effort and work on both ends to build and be strong I have 2 of the greatest ppl in my life My sister and my best friend whom I have been through a lot with and both have supported me all the way You don't get a lot off ppl like that in life but when you do you hold them tight and keep them close The rest can suck it!

may i ask u a question please?
why they left u?

Honestly i ask myself that all the time and it kills me not knowing

do u trust ur friend?

I know how you feel. A large percentage of people I know here disappear without a trace. I want a friend here I can always keep but I can't find one

I'll be your friend... Just scared you'll leave me too

Hey, I know how u feel. My real parents left me with people that aren't like me.

I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for u, u probably don't want my pitty. I don't want yours either, but message me, I'll make time.

gurl message me i promise u ill b here 4 u