My friends are usually out Friday nights getting turnt up...and I'm here with a bag of chips and redbox because I Have Saturday classes at my community college. Anyone else stays in on the weekends?
ohmyleena ohmyleena
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I do most of the time. I'm a homebody but I do go out maybe a few times a month

hello shall we chat saturday or full week?

Yes I do, I work on Saturdays and so not only do I spend every Friday night in but also every Saturday.

Do you go to gcc

No PC (: u from Az?

Yes and that's great heard it was real cool over there

Hey same situation message me


I have dance on the weekends soooo yeah. no malls or shopping or partying.


hw r u.. im david

im great and you.


I my self are new here and needTO MAKE fREANDS WELL YOU BE ONE .

Same Here but I'm watching scrubs
It's my happy show

Be my other woman and i would give you all the pleasure and fantasies you want and then some. Just ask my wife. Shes not jealous. Shes not too bad herself with her tongue. You can be OUR other woman.

How kind of U, but no thanksπŸ‘€ goodnight (:

Lol another pedow for the list

hay i started to stay in on the weel end i like may free time at home layed back.

You know I would die for sour cream and onion chips and something to watch xD

Every weekend. Seems you are doing better than they.

Can u add me we can talk

Yep it's way too boring

That's why we are all on here lol

Leena - u should only b on your knees....

That's your moms job not mines 😬😬

I love the hard to get girls the most ;)

Grampa thinks he got game lol xD

Thirsty or Na?πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘…

Hey it's Father Guido!!

Howa r ua doin' fada?

More so like father pedow lol

Wtf what the hell?

Get a life and a job mate

SALE on Vegemite !!

Don't be late. I know how competitive you all are in that penal colony!

I also know you prefer penals... Lol

When I say get a job I mean it aite leave this girl alone she's 18 and your like 41 so STOP



So - ur toilet spins backward just like ur brain mofo?

Who u callin a mofo cos ur the only mofo here punk

Yeap takes the Boredom the hell away

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Don't worry!

I turnt her down after I turnt her up and sideways!

Lol-_- lame

U wish I turnt you too! ;)

#weak Na I'm fine 😭

I noticed the subliminal use of the "#" sigh ;)

Shaggadelic baaby

Gtfoh :) lol ur funny tho

Just give it up and I'll stop.

I know where you bully!

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Haha, well I'm already laying down and I'm not even a college student, and the worst part is, I don't even have chips or redbox lol

Yeah lol sometimes

What made u stay in tonight?

My room mates whe to the club to pick u random girls. And since im from that crowd (player/manwhore) lol, I just rather stay home just playing video games and looking down at the city from my balcony.

Im not*

City lights must be nice(: where are u from?

It's quite the view makes you think you know.
Im from a little tropical island in the pacific name Puerto Rico and you ?

I want to visit there someday:) & I'm from the US (Arizona) hot as hell but it's peaceful here .

Yeah i know that you mean. That's why i got the apartment o the 40th floor cause i can just go to the balcony and its soo quet an peaceful. Almost like i have my own little piece of heaven :) . And yeah there's so much to do in this little island i think you'll like it.

You should be nice and send in pictures of the view you haveπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

That will work but, you don't hv to use both hands! ;)

Amazes me how you can choose to be anything behind the screens and u still chose to be stupid πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰ goodnight anyways:)

And u choose to torture in real life...

Cheek your inbox :)

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