Just seems like I haven't made any REAL or LONG-LASTING new friends on this site, so I figured... why not post here? It's worth a shot.
Boulier Boulier
18-21, F
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I would be happy to be your Friend, I'm looking for a real long lasting friend too

As you said, it's harder for females, because you might be scared he might turn out as a perv. My advice is that you check people's profile and check if they have/don't have sexual experiences. Then you can decide if he would be a good friend or not.

That would work in theory, but a lot of the people who have revealed themselves to be pervs have no sexual experiences. They just talk to me for a little while before showing their true colors :(

You can check their activity and you'll see what they responded in. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

Uhuh, I'm really thankful to ep for finding one such friend, not sure how long it'll last, but, I know she's an amazing and wonderful person, and I'd like to enjoy her company and help her as much as I can in the given time the way she has helped me!

Aw, that's good! I wish I could find that in the people on EP. It seems more difficult as a female...

Though, I'd like to be your friend! :) that is if you don't mind!

Can we be freinds

I can be your friend