I just want a boyfriend!!!!
aliv10 aliv10
18-21, F
12 Responses Sep 1, 2014

lol dont worry u will find the right guy soon and u do look very fun and very pretty so dont worry u will get one soon

Don't. Worry! I m here 😉

just that?

do you want friends or a boyfriend?

i am in

You seem desesperated :/

girl you are never to young to be in a relationship that is a crazy thing to say your to young..... how cares about your age and ( Jacob63 ) never to young to be in a relationship

You've got plenty of time for that, enjoy friends and hobbies and passions of your own for a few more years.

Ddreamer is true, just try. Maybe there's someone out there thinking of you all the time, if you don't find him, have a look at the friendzone, it's great to have these guys around you can trust, right? It would be nice if you had him way more around! Help our bros in the big battlefield of friendzone!

Its nice to want.

Cute girl like you telling me no-ones snatched you up yet?