I Live In a Rural Area.....

...with a very limited friend pool :( My best friend is moving back home (other side of the world) and I think I'm going to be pretty lonely. My husband is home at, which is great but sometimes you need a friend to shoot the breeze with..or moan about your OH to right? lol. Anyway, everyone in my village is so consumer lead, no one reads or watches any movies that arn't blockbusters. No one shares my interests apart from the handful of great people I have online..but online is fine to a point, but you can;t nip and see someone who lives thousands of miles away *sigh*.
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2009

aint that the truth loralei3000, its also easy to think online peopel are great friends when really you don;t know them at all..would have nothing in common...there are some I wish lived near me..but most I am happy to chat with online.

I think many of us are in the same boat. Small town life sends you to the internet but sometimes it does make me feel lonlier than if I had no friends. Sooner or later something happens & you know that no matter how caring we all out here, we are not there to hug each other when times get hard.

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