I want make real friends some day. I can't really trust people.

I'm scared if I make friends. They might take advantage of me.


That's why  I don't have real friends.



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Thanks all..

So sad to read what you typed, but start with the closest people, brothers, sisters, your mom and dad, then you will not feel alone, open your eyes, and you will find real people loving to have a frienship with you.<br />
Take care!<br />
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Yeah, that's how I feel too. I'm very happy with my EP friends, though. Like you. :) It would be fun to meet each other in person, wouldn't it?

Yohanna is right :) i think i have more REAL friends here on EP than i do in my real life. then again, i share a lot more about myself here on EP than i do in my real life, so...perhaps i don't trust others easily myself?

I know.. <br />
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Thanks for your comment

((HUGS)) At least you know you are safe here - you can be friends without being taken advantage of. Almost everyone at EP is here for each other - supportive and caring, which is what EP is all about! This is a good step! :-)