Looking For New Friends In London, Ontario

I hope there is someone out there who lives in London, Ontario looking to make new friends to share common interests with.


I started a group myself similar....................all interested start the ball rolling and lets get familiar.


Looking forward to new and interesting people age 38-47 age range would be preferable.



susz susz
41-45, F
15 Responses Oct 30, 2007

I used to live in Canada before now need a friends, women and men. Ages: 49-59

I would love to meet new people to go for a coffee or hang out on the wkend. When working it is hard to meet new people outside of the office.

45 married man here

Ive lived in London for over 25 years and would love to meet some new friends.

I moved to London this past July and would love to meet new freinds to hang out with.

I've lived in London Ontario my whole life I would love to meet new people to hang out with.

Hi, I'm looking for friends in London Ontario as well

Hi, l'm a very easy going woman that is all so looking to make some new friends

I've been in London for almost 6 years and making real friends here is not easy. I moved here for a job, but don't work there any more - work from home and some travel. I'd love to connect with new people for various activities - movies, group dinners, etc. - folks in the 55 - 65 range would be ideal.

Been close to London ON for about 3 years now. I would love to meet new people :)

hey it seems like people in london are getting less friendly making it hard to make new friends <_< it is not as simple as it use to be in public school

Hi Susz I live in London I"m 40 yrs old...lived here for over 20 years

I moved to London over two years ago & have not really been able to make any conections/friends. <br />
I don't wish to disturbe people at the gym or where they work for obvious reasons so where else is left to meet new people?

I live in London, and would love to meet new pple.

Hi, I have lived in London for 21 years, and have been so wrapped up in my work and family, it's time to start taking care of ME! I have been looking for a ladies group of some kind in London Ontario. A group of professionals who might like to get together on a semi regular basis...and wouldn't it be nice to develop supporting friendships as a result!