Oh So Jealous.

I always see pictures of friends. Large groups of friends out doing all sorts of things. I've never had that. I've wanted it so badly, but I am socially fail. I have only three true friends. One lives with me, so we get to be together all the time. But we never go out. We don't do things. We want to have lives. We want to be those people who can just call up fifteen people and go to the mall, or the beach, or have a sleepover.

I'm jealous when I see groups of people out together. I wish I could be like them, but I'm afraid of most people. I'm not very good at interacting in person. How can I get a group of close friends, when I can barely speak to people? My best friend is the same. We try to encourage one another, but we both get too nervous to do anything when it counts.

I want to be able to say yes when someone asks if I have plans. Not only will it greatly lessen my babysitting duties to my entire family, but it could also fill in some of the emptiness I feel. Put a spark back in my life. Give me the courage and confidence to further broaden my horizons.

I'm nowhere near popular, and I know there are tons of us out there. So why not gather a group of kids like me and just be friends? Take it slow, and work up until we can be like that. Going out all the time, having fun, sharing secrets and memories. That sounds like it would be...perfect. :D
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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

I need help too. We just got go out there and do it. Join activities at Church, Join Activities at school. Connect with our classmates, connect with our high school friends. I have a few friends, I am trying to transfer to another University, so I can meet more people. Try, Facebook, see if you can meet any friends from High School.