New Friends!

Hello to all!

I am sitting in my room, listening to some good, chill music ( Wilson Pickett, which I strongly recommend to all of you) :) and thinking about what this group should be all about. Are we all friends just by being members of a group? We still probably do not know many, if any, members of this group and we have not really talked to eachother, besides sending comments, smileys and rating the stories...... so I say let's do something about that, lets get to know eachother, lets's meet, let's get face to face metings, lets share experiences together, LET'S BE FRIENDS! I know that many of us live in differnet parts of the world, so ofcourse its not possible to meet all of us, but lets at least start by getting to know each other, our names, where we come from, our hobbies, travel experiences, opinions about politics, everday stories, etc, that way we can become friends. I am strating this thing that came to my mind today, so I ope many of you will follow, and if any of you have any ideas of how to develop this thing of getting to know eachother, then please list your ideas, lets make a change.!!!! Now some info about me, which I hope some of you will get inspired of this move and will post something about yourselves

My name is Nikola, 24 year old male Master student. Born and raised in Macedonia (small country in Europe) :) currently studying in Sweden. I love reaggae music, and mygoal in this life to open my reggae bar, chill our music playing all day, happy people enjoying their drink. Have been traveling around Europe mostly, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, etc, etc, and have visited some Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore,(malaysia is n.1 palce to visit) :) play football as a hobby, well since most of the members on EP are Americans, so I should probablysay soccer :) enjoy meeting new people, making jokes about nationalities, though sometimes have to be carefull, I will be willing to share same jokes with you if u like :) interested in documentaries, especially political ones, coming from USA, the last one I watched and liked a lot was "the fall of the republic". well do not know what else to put, if any of you wants to  know more about me, then just ask me,will be more than happy to share it with friends!

Smyle Smyle
22-25, M
Feb 24, 2010