A Friend In Me

I am used to being on my own, I was born alone, lived as an only child. Parents were hardly around, so mixing with people was not an easy thing to do. When I got into uni in a forgein country, it was not easy at all. In the 3years that i have lived in the UK, I have made a friend. one friend. It is so hard to meet new people for me. But I keep trying.

I am now losing weight and discovering a new confidence i never knew i had. In my fantaices i was this confident to transend it to my reality is overwhelming, i hope to meet peolpe in time, I hope I wlll anyways. DIscovering this side of me is a liberating, I love myself that bit more and apperciate life as well, it can only lead to meeting and apperciating people in the future. I have found a friend in me.

mashni mashni
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Thanks Cris, I appereciate that. I know the feeling of having people aroud but feeling no one there. I had a few family members come in and out of our house, I never had a connection with anyone. I hope you turn to me if you need to talk too. I will be here for you too. Take care...

im very happy to hear that you are discovering that confidence in you and know that you can find a friend in me too. i didn't have to be an only child (11 members: Mom, dad, 5 brothers and 3 sisters) to have the same difficulty making friends. even though i was around this much people i never seemed to relate or trust enough in any. when ever ou need someone to talk to or need an advise maybe ill be able to help you. <br />