Deployment Next Month

Well this is the first time since i've been with my boyfriend that he's being deployed. I'm not really sure what to expect besides not being able to talk to him as often and being lonely without seeing him for a whole 6 months. His last gf who he was engaged to broke up with him while he was away on his first deployment. He told me how bad that hurt and he never wants to go through that again. But i know i wont do that to him. I just think this will help make it alittle bit easier for me.
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My boyfriend is going on deployment next month as well and the same thing happened to him the last time. His gf sent him a dear john letter and it hurt him. He says that he won't believe that I'm still here until he gets back and sees that I'm standing there still waiting for him....I know how it feels to be cheated on so I wouldn't want to put someone like him through that so I def. can relate. It's not going to be easy, but I've already been doing research about staying busy and being active with different things while he's away.

And I didn't mean to not like the first comment I appreciate all the comments left on my stories

Wow that's hard after my boyfriend gets back from this deployment he will be stationed in Florida and since i'm in jersey we're hoping he'll be able to fly here once weekend a month but I deffinitly think I'm going to have to find a hobby to stay busy. Thank you and I wish the best for you and your boyfriend too:)

I wish you the best. My boyfriend deployed in Nov' 09 and will be gone for 3years with leave from time to time! STAY BUSY!

I'm not exactly sure what kind of boat yet he doesn't go until around the end of march but we're from new jersey.

Hi! My boyfriend just deployed as well for about 7-9 months. This is my first time dealing with him deploying as well. Where are you from? What kind of boat is he on?