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Private Storm

The thunder began to roll in the background as we walked hand and hand along the beautiful white sand beach. I could smell the dampness in the air and knew it wouldn't be long before the downpour started. We continued to walk watching the waves crash against the rocks. The sun begins to set behind the now very grey clouds. The scene is so beautiful and fills me with a burning need to make love with you. I blush afraid you can read my thoughts, my desires. I turn my head to look at you but you seem as caught up in the moment as I am. A flicker of lightning flashes across the sky followed by a loud crack of thunder. Shaking us both from our thoughts we pick up the pace as it begins to rain.

Suddenly you stop and turn towards me and kiss me slowly, passionately, and deeply. When you finally pull away I feel breathless and dizzy with passion. The heavens open up and the downpour begins yet we don’t move we just stand there staring into each other’s eyes. My sundress is plastered to my curvy body. My nipples strain against the wet material begging for release. You reach out your hand and gently begin to trace one nipple and then the other making them hard peaks. My breathing increases as a soft moan escapes from my lips. Enjoying the way my body is responding. You bend down your head and run your tongue in little circles around my nipples. I whimper in pleasure as my body shivers. The rain continues to fall over us.

Pulling away from me you take my hand and lead me to a more secluded area of the beach. Once hidden away you pull me close to you and whisper “I want to make love to you, right here and right now”!  All I can do is moan softly in consent.  You begin to remove my rain soaked clothes, first the dress, then the bra and finally the thong.  Standing before you naked as the rain cascades over my voluptuous body I am overwhelmed with desire. You never take your eyes off me as you remove first your shirt, then your jeans and finally your briefs. I stare at your magnificent body, a body that is so beautiful it looks like art a body that fits mine perfectly. Not being able to take it anymore I walk over to you and run my hand down the side of your handsome face. Pulling me into your arms we begin to kiss hungrily your desire and need so evident between us.

Slowly lying down on our bed of sand we begin a sensual exploration of each other’s bodies. Gradually you work your way down my wet body licking each drop of water as you go. Opening my legs in eager anticipation as you finally find the treasure you seek. Feeling your tongue as it parts my soft wet folds. Sliding your finger deep inside me causes my body to quiver. Moaning loudly as the rain mixing with my wetness creates the most exquisite sensation. Placing my hand at the back of your head and holding it between my legs as I start to *** over and over again in your mouth, you drink every drop of me.

Licking your way back up my body you kiss me fervently and the taste of me still lingers on your tongue. Pushing my hands up above my head and staring deeply into my eyes you push inside me in one deep thrust. Gasping I wrap my legs firmly around your waist as you begin to move melodically inside me as the rain plays a melody in the background. In and out, out and in until we feel that familiar tremble in our bodies. Entwined tightly as we move in unison as the rain falls on us “baby please now”! With one final push, one final thrust you erupt inside of me clinging to you as our bodies float back to earth you rest inside of me kissing me softly.

Wet, sated and drained I can’t help but smile, knowing that from now on the rain will invoke memories of our very own private storm…

sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 60 Responses Nov 30, 2012

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very nice story!!! ty

I haven't read such a good piece of erotica in a long while. It is so full of descriptions of the emotions of a woman.... it just gets to me. Thank you for sharing this story.

Thank you for reading it. I appreciate it.

You're welcome.


Thank you very much!

Still burning hot babe....

Wow that is old--but it so hot

that is positively enchanting! I am panting. Surely you would love to show us what you look like, but see no photos on your profile. I am a very visual man, a photo to go with this story would knock my socks off!

A very erotic story and one packed with excitement and intensity. Yup nice story.

Very well done.

Thank you, very much.

You are very welcome


Thank You!

great job =)

I just got thirsty.

VERY nice! *stands up and applauds you* I felt like I was there. Like I was a voyeur. ;-)

Aww..Thank you!!

The rain invoked my imagination alright! beautiful, love. Thanks so much for sharing!

Glad you enjoyed it girl. Thanks for reading it.

fantastic read miss diva..thank you for sharing.


had to reread...=)

me 2 with U

would love some love making in the rain girl

its beautiful..

Thank You!! :)

That was hot, I hope you experienced this beautiful story.

I had already read this You're a good writer

Thank You!

Well done! based on a true story?

I'm glad you liked it :)

Wow.. second time I've read it. Love it just as much. Very well written, Passion in your words..Thanks Diva

You are welcome!! Thank you for reading.

yes that is nice to share between two people who is in love with each other

Makes me think of a certain someone and a certain moment that might be going to happen at the end of this month. It won't get that far but the passion and feeling will be there even if the situation will be different. It makes me long for a long slow passionate kiss.

Yes. ;)

Hehe..yes what?

fantastic read hun. Great story, very erotic, well writen. you have a talent.

wow, making love to a black woman in the rain..damn hawt

Well thank you very much!! :)

can I wear boots

Oh I LOVED this story! I have a thing for rain anyway. Something about it makes me so horny and I would LOVE to experience something like this. So hot and erotic yet sensual at the same time. Wonderfully written. :)

I am really glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate your very kind words!!

You are very welcome. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Amazing story that really got me wanting to make slow, sensual love in the rain.

Thank you so much!! :)

Wow that story was hot. I loved it. Very romantic in the rain.

Thank You. I am starting to thing you are biased...but I like it :)

Why you think I'm biased. I'm just being honest.

I was kidding..I appreciate you taking the time to read the stories..:)

Your stories are very interesting erotic sensual passionate hot to the extreme. You should honestly write a book based on different short love stories and poems. You have a thing for creative writing.

Thank you I would really like to do that. I truly appreciate your encouragement and support!! Thank you again. :)

Of course

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I hope he gave you "perm money" lol...that was sensual sis

LOL.. Thanks I'm glad you liked it!! :)

I would love to be apart of your storm.:-)

Sounds amazing!

Thank You!! :)

definatly enjoyed it ,, thankyou for the reply ,i often wonder if ppl read the comments .. i must say i was curious about your voluptuious body and would love to be added

I read every comment unless so how I'm not alerted to it...Thank you aain for reading. :)

beautiful story ,,, the word pictures that you paint will linger in my minds eye for quite awhile

Thank you very much I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. I am glad you enjoyed it!! :)

What a wonderful story. Thank You..

Thank You!! :)

Some writing says it all. No need to spoil a work of art with words. Beautiful, dreamy image!
Five senses.

Thank you very much I appreciate your kind words.. :-)

I to want to make love in the rain
To hear the slapping of lightenings pain

Loud is the moaning of passion's thunder
Howling in the night a thing to wonder

Wet are the clouds, swollen and wet
Dripping, leaking, upon my bed

How I want to make love in the rain
and wash away monotony's stain....

nice and lovely thanks

Thank You! :)

You write beautifully. It is graceful, erotic and had me sitting (uncomfortably, I might add) on the edge of my chair. It was a mistake reading this at work because I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to suppress the cramped feeling in my jeans...... thank you :)

awww man my writing is meant to bring joy not discomfort in the workplace...:) Thank you for reading!! :)

A great story! I love doing it in the rain as well! Beautifully told.

Thank you so much!!

You write with passion and do that very well. I liked reading it a lot... and will try to read as many as I can. Thank you for sharing your creative juices with us.. no pun intended.

Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed it!! :)

well composed. an artist can only write so well.....making every emotion a poetry . wow baby you look at things differently ...........

I hope that means you liked it....

ofcourse i liked it felt very real ..

I humbly thank you :)

why humbly ? you are an artist at heart .........i m expecting many more artistic master pieces from you ....

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Damn you can write! That was beautiful. I am lefting wanting to turn the page.

Thank you so much,you are too kind.. :)

Hot woman, wet dress, WOW! Another great and well written story from SD. Thanks.

Thank you CWS! Btw..what kind of story would it be without a Hot Woman and a Wet Dress!! :)

A couple walking on the beach, with him carrying her shoes, wouldn't be nearly as memorable.

See that's what I thought..would be nice but who would remember..The hot woman wet dress the best way to go..:)

A light, short breezy cotton dress. Thong or commando and certainly no bra and plenty of cleavage would be more for the mind to feast on. An anklet and a necklace with a bauble he had recently given her would be nice touches. And don't forget red finger and toe nails to match the scratches that would be on his back later. Red nail polish always looks great no matter her complexion or what she's wearing. Oh yeah...

Well I had the thong,and I think it goes without saying she has ample cleavage. Yes red toes are nice mine are that color now...But all and all the story wasn't to bad I will remember the jewelry next time!! :)

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What a very nice and sensual story!

Nothing like rain. Thank you so much for reading!!

Great story, as well as writing style. I am sure these thoughts pop in your head everytime it rains. Wonderful reminders during inclimate weather.

You are too kind to me. I might start to think I'm a writer :)

LOL, well your writing is definitely intriguing as well does provide a vivid picture.

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Sexy ..very sexy ..congrats ;-)

Thank You very much. I am glad you enjoyed it!! :)


brain storming but stimulated man& woman equally.How are u in practical life?Do you really face such..........again.I like your words and love to know more..thanks

My dear that was very good! Damn, your writings just capture your readers attention and take their imagination as well as desires right where you want them to go. Mental arousal and stimulation is a beautiful thing, and you conduct it very well.

What can one say to such a beautiful and inspiring comment..thank you doesnt seem like enough! to know you feel that way feels me with happiness that I can move a reader in that way it is my desire everytime I write to take them with me.. Thank you again :)

You most definitely took me on that walk and through that experience with this story. It may sound odd but, reading this story and mentally placing your body in place of the descriptions, with my only reference of your body being the fraction pieces that you use for your profile (and you never post nude, which makes the imagination work more)pics; made that story that much more real. And I really digg that. Again....great story.

In my above comment it should be fills...sorry what kind of writer am is me curvy and doesn't sound odd at all.I am more than a bit flattered!! Thank you again for reading my story.:)

;-) no thank you for sharing such a beautiful and vivid fantasy.

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love this story you write so very well can see us doing just that thanks

You can keep the readers attention real good. you painting the picture the way you did here had me eager to read more..if you continue to paint pictures like you could strum up a fan base. very good read yo.

You mean I don't already have a fan base? I guess I gotta do better :)

lol. strive for humble greatness!

lol..I was kidding..I really don't have a fan base..would like one to becaome one?

you have a way with words lol. yea i'll be ur fan

That should be become...and what's wrong with my words? Yay thanks my first fan!!

lol. nothing is wrong with them.....Yay!

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Enjoyable read. Good luck with your publishing endeavors. Can't wait to read more...:-)

Thank you I appreciate you reading my story.

You're so welcome!

The imagery and descriptions were almost as good as the actual act. Being published is tough. Please look into trying the e-book route. You are a fabulous writer and there are people who don't mind paying for tasteful erotica.

Awww thanks CWS that means alot coming from you. I appreciate your kind words and support.. :) I plan to look into it and see how it works. Thank you again...:)

That's a hot story without being graphic. Definitely better than mine ... I find that women write much better about these things than guys. Definitely an interesting contrast between the male and female brain :P

Well I am glad you enjoyed it. I find the sensual exploration is a big turn on in and of itself. Painting the picture and setting the mood..Hopefully I make my readers want,see,feel and experience what I write. Thats the goal any way! Thank you so much for reading my story!! :)

You're welcome! And yes, it made me uh ... want "it" :p ... and yes, contrary to popular belief, I do read (... stories), haha ;)

Hehe I'm sure you do read just never mine...But I do understand you are a busy :)

Awww ... was that a low blow? :P Lol, I'm just random when it comes to stories, I know I should read more of my friends stories, but idk ... aw damn, you just backed me into a corner! :'(

Nah not really a low blow,just the truth. If you can't get support from your friends who can you get it from? Well Malcom X said when people are backed into a corner they will come out fighting *Ding*

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Oh my. The imagination painted a wonderful scene of that in my head. This experience would be so grand. Something I would imagine myself doing with a particular someone :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you and your special someone get to experience.:)

This was such a joy to read Girlfriend. *smile* The sunshine sure is amazing when you're on the beach with that special someone...and I'm kinda partial to it...but I'm starting to think I might need to embrace the rain a *lot* more after your story. I'm just sayin'. *grin* As draw an extremely vivid and very sensual picture...that remains with the reader long after the story is finished. Just so yanno...that's called talent with a capital T. Thanks so much for sharing this lil' gem. :)

Aww thanks Kat I just love it when I can make the reader feel what I was feeling when I wrote it.Thank you so much for reading and your kind words.. :)

That was beautiful honey. You even got me aroused.

Glad you liked it :)

Yeah when you *** in his mouth, you had me...LOL



Please? What was the question?

*** in my

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Great stories. This brings up some good images.

Thank you so much..:)

This paints a wonderful and very sensual...something I vefy much dream of doing!!

Thank you Memphis...I dream of it too very vividly :)

Girl you ain't easy at all! Diva that was excellent. I enjoyed this story.... (◕‿◕✿)

Aww you only said it girl cause you love me..but thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

You ARE one sexy woman.

Awww thanks..I blush at you :)

OutStanding Moment!!!!!!! I feel the water just flowing down my body with just the thought of this wet and most passionate reflection.......I picture you in white linen skirt that is blowing in the ocean wind and as the waves moves every so closer to shore, so does my thought with each and every moment your height of passion raises to levels one can only wake up as think it must be a dream.........but I am so comsume with sweat for this moment to once again entertain my thoughts.............wowowwwwwwww

Wow I am truly flattered and humbled by your words. Thank you so much reading and commenting.