Chillaxing As The Day Ends....

With my girlfriend sitting on a blanket drinking maragarita's.  Looking deep into her eyes as the sun gives way to the blanket of night.  Leaning in to kiss her and feel her tonuge lick across my lips as I push mine into her mouth tasting her deeply and completely.  My hand moves along her back as I pull her close into me feeling the curve of her ***, down her leg. 

Her hand sliding along my waist and reaching inside to grasp her personal tool.  She finds it easily with out the inhibit of underwear.  I move my hand up under her skirt and find that she also has no panties on which makes my **** ooze more pre-*** out. 

The sheet goes over us as she undoes my pants to expose my manhood, she strokes with her nails feeling it throb in her fingers.   Pulling up her skirt my hand finds her sweet spot which is hot and very moist with excitement..

I lay back as she moves her leg over top of me to impale herself on my hardness, feeling of warmth of her ***** on my **** and the cool breeze blowing against my balls is electric feeling.  She has me fully in her now as I feel her rock back and forth on top.  

Biting her lip to stifle the scream of pleasure that is to escape her lips as she explodes all over me ******* my **** hard....

The sensations of her and where we are is exciting and the feeling of her milking me with her *****, I erupt inside of her putting my seed deep into her, where she loves to have it...

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4 Responses Jun 3, 2010

*massaging Pix's neck*

*giggle* why yes, that feels nice!!!! ;-)

*blows softly on Pix* does that help cool you off? hehehehehehe

*Pix fans herself* My oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)