My Day Dream

the frist time i saw caren i knew that she was my dream girl and she easy to talk to and very
understading her voice her smile arouse with in and her conpasion and she is allways showing
and the way how we can talk about anything together it all started a year ago my frist time i went
to thearpy and i could imagine kissing her and haveing her kiss me my fansties are this we would
be in her office and talking about stuff like my past then she say jamie i been thinking about you all week and i can,t get you off my mind then i would say caren i like you alot and we stop talking
and she would start touching me and give that sexy smile and i would be so aroused by her and
then caren and me sart makeing out on the counch and then music start playing romatic music and candles would be lit and i would undress her and caren would be in her bra and panties me
to then she sart kissing me and makeing me wet and turned on and then we be and her breast
would be hard in my mouth and she cry out in enjoyment and sream my name jamie and i would
say caren you know what my bigest fanties is what you haveing sex with me then she say that been
what would realy turn me around to haveing sex with you after we made love she would be so
in love with me and the we get married and caren will be my bride and we would go on our honey
moon and make love to the sun comes up and then my therpist caren would say jamie what mybe it was all a day dream.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013