I'm a 20 year old and I'm pretty sure this started when I was about 16. Even in high school, I've always thought age gaps were such a turn-on, but it wasn't until I moved to Korea that I found out about the whole daddy kink thing and that's what turns me on the most lately. I want to fornicate with men ten years older than I am, give or take a few years, and call them Daddy. I know everyone thinks that this desire springs from "daddy issues", but my real father and I have a close relationship and I suspect the whole "daddy" thing to be because I never called him that before in my life.

Older men are my favorite and I can't stand men that are younger than me or the same age.
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How old too old?

You sound absolutely lovely :-))
As a young man, many, many years ago (1956) I was in Korea in the British army up near the Imjin River.

I should love to chat if you feel like it.
I could be your grampa :-)))
Peter xx

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I cant wait to hear more stories.Im hooked!