First Time

For years I played at being a cross dresser. The reality was that I would be overcome by the desire, get my hands on something really feminine and then be swamped by shame and guilt. This went on and on, and I went through a lot of female things.

Then one day my wife found my female stuff and demanded I tell her what was going on. To my surprise and delight she just nodded when I was finished telling her how I had "this occasional urge" in an attempt to down play its extent. Then she blew me away by saying, "Sounds to me like you are a crossdresser, a transvestite." Without waiting for a response she held up the panties she had found and asked if they fit me. I said they were a bit tight and with a look at the size on the label told me I probably needed to wear a size seven or eight.

She handed me the panties and told me to go and put my "undies" in one of my drawers rather than where I had hid them. Then she left telling me she had some shopping to do. When she returned over an hour later she laid out in front of me two packages of three nylon panties each in a variety of colors. Then she pulled out a bra with molded cups, telling me she guessed at my size. Then came two packagaes of hose, one of pantyhose and one of thigh high hose. Last of all was a shortie night gown.

I was stunned and when I looked up at her she said, "You're welcome," though I had not expressed my appreciation because I was so shocked. Still sitting there like a frozen fool she patted her foot, "Well!" she demanded and I looked up showing my confusion. "Go and put these on!" she said firmly.

That I understood and all but ran to the bedroom. For the first time I pulled on panties, fastened on a bra, pulled a slip up my body, sat to roll hose up my legs while knowing that the person I loved, loved me so much that she had bought these all for me and wanted me to wear them.

I stood up and just felt it all. Then I realized she was standing in the door watching me. This time I was profuse with my thanks. She smiled and I babbled on. When I fell sitlent she stepped toward me. "There is a price for all this," she said and I looked up alarmed.

A sly smile came to her face. "If you want to be a woman, then I guess you will have to be my lesbian lover."

I gulped in a mixture of anticipation and confusion.

"Well?" she said again and I spread my arms indicating I was lost. A slight shake of her head indicated she though me slow witted. "So get down on your knees between my legs and show me that I was right in accepting you as my female lover."
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9 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. My wife caught me in full fem 1 month after we wed. Her response was "Are you gay or something?" She was very calm. I was the one in shock, I couldn't even speak. I shook my head no. She led me by holding my hand to our bed and yowza, the best sex ever.

My wife threw her thong at me one night so I picked it up and put it on, she started to protest but then started to coo over it, had to touch me in it and eventually bought me some of my own.<br />
Best sex either of us has ever had!

I am so fortunate that my wife is just as excited with my dressing as I am. Before she knew, our sex life was mediocre at best, but after she found out and took the time to get used to the idea, its been nothing but extraordinary! Im so happy for you, and believe that it will just get better for you.

Very lucky to such an understanding gal. Not many like that out there. Have fun!!

Wonderful story, you lucky man.<br />
I hope you showed her your appreciation.<br />
Thank you for sharing.<br />

How delicious Alice I bet you spend much time in that position giggle<br />
<br />

Great story I definitely want a supporting girlfriend/wife, like yours.

Scary when she said: it has a price. But at the end it was not too bad :-)<br />
<br />
How's going now?

Lovely, wonder how you have progressed?