It Happened...

We lay on the bed, me in a peach coloured vintage baby doll nightdress with matching frilly panties, her in an identical pair but hers in baby blue. We both wear stockings and suspenders and our nails are all polished in red (hers - I don't normally wear red!)..we both feel very very sexy.

We start to kiss, our bodies press against each other. I shudder at the feeling of the frilly nylon we are wearing pushing against each otherr, touching, rubbing, feeling..oh my good this is sooo good. I can't feel my **** but I can guess it is wet and stiff, as I know it wants to ****, it wants to push, it wants to enter, it wants to ***, it almost controls me.

We kiss, we touch, her hand over my back, down my back, on my arse, touching my panties through the nightie..oh, please don't stop..she kneads and strokes my fanny.. my backside and all the words that name it can't tell you the feeling as she rubs my backside through my panties.

I am not idle, my hand moves down he back, feeling the silky nylon on her back, then moving southward, getting to her panty top, then onto her bottom, rubbing and pulling, trying to pull her onto me - we are almost frantic - well I am!

I stop kissing her mouth, I kiss her chin, I kiss her neck, I am amongst her breasts..I can kiss and suck her nipples through the baby blue nylon, and I do, she moans, she wants my hand, I oblige. As I suck her nipple through her nylon, my hand pulls her panties aside and I slip my hands down under them. She pushes her hips forwards, silently begging for my fingers, I move my hand so that my hand is on her *****, but not in it. I kiss her **** again and then start to gently touch her ****, slowly, slowly, let her enjoy it. She thrusts her hips further forward and moans again. I start to lick her ****, her nipples, her breasts..her wonderful imperial do I feel? I want to **** her and **** now, but I want this to last.

She starts to move her hand under my panties till she touches my ****, my stiff hard and desperate ****, I have been wet, I am wet, the panties I am wearing are soooo wet...

She starts to play with me, matching the rhythm that I am setting with my hand on her ****, I am wanking her, she wants it, she needs it, she cummms, she arches her back, she is far away, she flushes..she sinks back, my **** forgotten for a while. She is back in the room, she pulls me on top of her. She pulls down my panties and I do the same with her. I am resting my **** against her virgina, it feels sogood but I want more. She opens her legs and puts her hand down between us and pulls me into t her. Her legs widen even more to get the best position, she finds it, and I feel her wet wet ***** against my **** head. She makes one final move and I am just inside her...I push and then I slide in, slide into her wet warm tight welcome hole. It is wonderful. My breast forms in my bra, press against her breasts in her bra..there is no difference at this time..I am thrusting into her, she is delighting in my **** and how she is being ******. She reaches down and grabbing my panties that are half way down my arse, she pulls them up and uses them to drag me inside her..I love it, I love it..I ***...
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Great story.Many men love to dress and would love to share with women.I wish more girls would understand this.
I am a CD and I love to make love with other cd's because they understand this need for tenderness and nice lingerie.
Louise CD

Yes you are so right!

Very hot!

Thank you :-)

that was lovely, thanks for sharing

Thank you Mizsuzy!