I Am A Girl To Him

I usually cross dress and watch **** videos, **********. One day no one in my home. I locked doors but it was not closed correctly. I was surfing **** web. I was wearing bra and mini skirt a think transparent jacket. door was at back of me. When I was excited, some one touch my boobs. When I turn it was jim my neighbour. He gave nice kiss for 10 min. He force me to make love. I gave kiss in his lips. He stopped to force me.
We got to bed room. He gave a hug kiss all my face,breast. He removed my jacket. Slowly I removed all this dress. he fall on bed I slowly kissed his foot,knee,thai, ****. I start playing with his ****. He was really enjoyed. I slam his **** and I kiss it. I did same as what **** girl did in **** video. slowly **** show it full length. I ride over it. I get **** into my mouth. I nick tip. I get it deep. **** was not in my mouth ****. He slapped my mouth. it shoot *** into my mouth.i swallowed it. I found sult inside me. He told
"you are my girl"

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Jun 21, 2012