Let Make Love

Lets hold hands and dance to the music in are mind.Reach over to my lips and kiss me softly,Look into my eyes and tell me don't worry I am here with you.Let your lips kiss my neck,and leave a small bite.Move your hands down to my breast and feel my nipples bloom,kiss my breast and,softly biting my breast.I want to feel your hands to wonder.As we lay down you remove my cloths,and find your way to the place of no return,your kisses are welcome your touch gives me a shiver but I am not afraid I want you.You tease me by sliding you finger into my shaving ***** I feel your tongue barely touching me.Oh hon I melt for you.You use your tongue to arouse me but I am all ready there.You come back up and look into my eyes I feel your hard penis line up you give me a look so deep that I can not see anything else.You slide in me I move my hips toward you making sure I receive you all.I let out  moan ,I cry out your name you push in me harder like we are dancing becoming one the music in are head it must be the same because we move together we make love like we are made for each other,My juices *** I feel your wetness.omg yess please lets not hold nothing back omg omg yess oh yess I feel so good at this time are bodies together the sweat are bodies build my breast against your chest my ***** with your hard penis the kisses the soft love bites are juices oh yess..

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9 Responses Mar 13, 2010

that truly is such a beautiful story..i am so envious of that relationship...you and he would be blessed..jim

mewold you are handsome yes you are I have not had my crown royal yet

My picture doesn't do me justice. I am nakid.

[looking in to my screen] mewold move it to the right

Well, I read it again and I'm turned on again. lol




This is a great story and whoever you had in your mind when you wrote this is a lucky man, wether he knows it or not.