My Most Intense Longing

Perhaps this seems strange coming from a middle aged man in a sexless loveless marriage, but I do not desire simple sex.   I am not full of lust for any and every woman whom I find remotely attractive. I don’t get all excited the numerous fantasies floating around in my head. Sex for sex’s sake holds little appeal other than animalistic release. I want to make love. Real, honest to goodness, love to a woman. Not just any woman, but someone very special; I need to feel the safety of the heart of someone I love; a personal heaven, where only two people can ever reside.

                 I want music by candlelight; Enigma is my favorite, sensual, hypnotic and passionate. Or perhaps Vivaldi or Ravel will best add to the ambience. I am not looking for a quick lay. I want to feel more than just my pleasure; more than just sating my lust.

Lying on our sides, the sheet lightly draped across your naked bodies. My finger tips gently caressing your face and your hair. Your smile beams at me and your eyes open to the depths of your love.  Your body is electric, as I brush against it. Our lips would meet passionately; long and slow kisses that would last minutes if not hours. My hands trace along your shoulder and back, your skin silky smooth to the touch.  Little sighs escape your mouth and my kisses on your neck and shoulders. My hands flow down your back and across your thigh. Your breasts are warm and supple, your nipples hardened by my touch. I would kiss them and suckle them gently and lovingly. Bringing only you pleasure. I would feel you leg pulling me closer to you, would feel your mouth against mine. Our kisses more urgent and passionate; your hands would caress my chest and fall down to my throbbing manhood. While my fingers feel the wet heat of your womanhood. Moans would escape your breath as my fingers gently massage you. You would pull me over on top of you. Our lips again clash passionately and I slide myself inside of you. Our bodies would arch and moan in pleasure while we move back and forth in mutual rapture.  Our bodies merge as your legs pull me deeper inside and your nails scratch down my back.  Looking at you lovingly, the sheer pleasure your face and you clamp around me.  I would take it slow, enjoying brining you pleasure, while I wait to release inside of you.  When the moment is right and your body tenses awaiting release, I would let go in torrent of ecstasy so we may meet God together in orgasmic bliss.

When finally our bodies collapse and passions subside, I would kiss you tenderly and caress you softly and I hold you in my arms whispering “I love you” and never wanting to let you go.

Smokeseek Smokeseek
36-40, M
8 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Thanks sleepless, but as i said, i think this woman only exists in my dreams and memories. Perhaps one day....

exciting story... very good ex<x>pression which is coming from your emotional soul. loves that... thanks for sharing :) hope you find her soon... Good luck ;)<br />

alas, <br />
I hope that my desire persist, for only in m y dreams do I believe she exists.

Thanks Wyn, I am still waiting on that special woman myself.

There is nothing strange about it. IMHO


Thanks for the positive feedback :) is HOT in here....<br />
<br />
:b<br />
<br />
Inside is like eating bread in front of the starving :P