Only With You

I want to feel

The heat of your body,

Your masculine arms,

Your strong hands

Taking me,

Blowing my mind,

Waking up my dreams,

Making love to me!


I want your mouth

Hot and soft

Devouring me

Whispering me

Passionate words

Driving me wild!


Your tongue

stealing my smell

Your indecent wish

breathing my skin

Your profane sin

maculating my body


My scandalous will

getting lost in your mouth,

Your simple glance

discovering and touching

the secret of my skin

My mouth sipping

the red of your smell,

the color of your world


Melt your doubts in my taste,

Break my silence in your body,

Making long sweet love,

Anywhere, anytime

No limits, perfect ...

Letting our hunger shout,

Making our thirst rain,


Please, come

I wait for you

Come, I want you

Come, kiss me without end

Come and kisses

Come and leave.

Your sap in my mouth,

Your smell, your taste

in me.



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10 Responses Mar 3, 2009

gulp<br />
<br />
hand shaking, looking for where to sign up're good. If you are as physically passionate as you are with your words, you have very lucky man.

Thanks for sharing this story. I love it.......

That was soo hot ...

TP- this is absolutely breathtaking....

You are welcome. Thank you for sharing :-)

A hot pledge of insatiable desire...natural, wicked and nice. are a great woman, keep loving.

You Live in dreams.Please come out in the real world and see.<br />
<br />
When we love each other evrything done looks like dream to us.We cannot see the dark side of the other.Even after knowing we close our eyes towards that and see what we want to see.<br />
<br />
This is called love.<br />
<br />
You may say this is postmortem of love.

Wonderful words tendereyes!!! :-)