Can't Wait To Lactate

My hubby and I have decided to become an ANR couple. We have always enjoyed a lot of breast/nipple play but we want me to re-lactate and enjoy the whole ANR relationship. I breast fed my babies but that was a long time ago. How I wish I had never let myself dry up! But can't change that now. I still have a few drops at times, so there's hope! I have been reading about domperidone and just today I placed an it should arrive in 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, he suckles me twice a day...more on weekends, and I'm using a breast pump. Would love to hear other experiences and comments. I just found this Experience Project recently and have been reading lots of stories. Since I don't discuss this with my friends or family, I am thrilled to see so many people interested in this!

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Just wondering how to keep this private? Don't people notice bigger breasts? What about seeing OB/GYN for annual exams, what do you say? I too am interested in lactating for my husband but don't know how to explain obvious changes in body to people.

so i was wondering if you did any update on your lacatation

How is your lactation progressing? Have you and hubby found that intense bond you sought? I am finding the journey to be incredible! it's been 12 years since I breastfed my child, but now it will all be for my darling love and he is so turned on by my efforts. He sees the 'work' I am putting into this and finds it arousing that I'm doing this all and only for HIM.

My husband and I have decided this as well. It has been 11 years since I breastfed our last child. My hubby is excited as well in seeing my excitement. He's been dry suckling 3x a day so far and I"ve been manually manipulating my breasts for about a week now. I"ve also been taking fenugreek. We are enjoying the closeness already and are finding this new found intimacy fantastic after 20 yrs of marriage. So very exciting!

I am really interested in lactating women. It sounds like youre on the right track, I cant wait to see more stories of you leaking, spraying, wearing a nursing bra, breast pumping, etc. It would be great if you could share pics too! Email me at insp1_sla<x> if you want to talk more. <br />