"pay Per Click Sites"

Everyone is talking about these sites that pay you for clicking on ads, filling out surveys, and things like that. I've tried a couple of sites like that in the past but they never paid enough to make it worth my time.

Really if you want to earn money on the internet your better off building your own website and then either selling your own products or promoting someone elses (affiliate marketing). This isn't as hard as it sounds once you have it broken down and explained to you, but there is alot more to it than the people trying to sell their "Get Rich Quick Scams" will tell you.

If your interested check out this site and sign up for the free info. > http://www.moneymastry.com/ <

I hope someone finds this helpful.
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This is the BEST thing I have seen in a long time and it is Brand New!. NO RECRUITING REQUIRED!!!!!. Wait until you see the comp plan!. promatrixplus.blackmoon6.com

I see you are into the same opportunities as me. I found one which I believe is a little better. No fees, no selling, simple simple simple. www.imnmarketing.com/bmrv2008 Let me know if you have any questions.

The easiest way I know of is Varolo, you watch commercials and then rate them,Best of all is that it is 100% free in Every Way. Never a cost to you.<br />
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This is a Great Opportunity for anyone who wants to earn some extra income for only a few minutes a day. Click on the link below for an exciting 2 minute video that explains more. After you sign up…and I know you will because its free anyway, watch the 12 minute presentation to learn how the next generation in advertising will benefit YOU….the individual consumer. See ya in the Village!!<br />
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