Still Looking For Some

Im still searching for at least 1.
I find myself looking on like myspace and myyearbook for gay people to befriend.
I wish we had more of them at school but with all the rednecks thats not going to happen.
I suppose its unusal for a straight guy to want gay friends. But im no ordinary straight guy.
Im bi curious. Im not looking for an experience or relationship but im just so friendly. People think im gay though because im different in a way that is most strange. I also hang with bi people all the time.
Wilnara Wilnara
18-21, M
5 Responses Jul 29, 2010

heY email me I'm gay :)

well jp5040 i look for lesbians too

im southern and i don't care i don't see gay people as "queer" or "****" in fact i hate those words with passion

I grew up in the bible belt of the south. I knew I was gay for a very long time and I never told anyone because people that "looked gay" or anything of that nature always was made fun of and I didn't want to be in that kind of atmosphere. Even teachers would treat those kids differently. I know the feeling. I didn't even tell my best friend from the 4th grade I was gay till 2 weeks till graduation. I'm now almost 20 and I only have a select handful that know I'm gay. Its a struggle to find people that are gay or bi to share and talk with, but accepting myself was the biggest relief I had ever had!

ok ill keep that in mind lol