i live in a city with less than ten thousand people, so its very desolate here. Im not closeted, but i have no one chat with about that. I have no close relatives, and they dont visit. All my friends have moved away or joined the military, and i wasnt allowed in the military for some reasons.... I cant generate an income, so i cant really hang out with anyone, left and right people discuss relationships and all i can do is sit by silently and nod. I dont tell certain people im gay primarily because we rely on their support, and i dont wanna burn bridges. Im not a flamer, nor do i display it, im just being smart. Im a great listner if you got a story to tell.
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Hello:) I grew up in a small town so I know how you feel... so HUGS my brother...<br />

Hi theres no need for you too feel that way. Be proud of you :)

Hi I would like to become friends, can you please add me