The Title Is Clear "i Want Gay Friends".

I find men attractive but it is not that I find all men attractive, but just a select few. There is the rare occasion I find a women neat, and think about her, but that is the exception and its more of her personality then her body. Of course I am out of touch with it all for a few reasons. I do not group or hang out in gay circles if there is such a thing (please excuse my ignorance) and to be honest I don't know how you would find the "gay" circle where I live. I look at Craigslist on rare occasion and it just seems so cut and dry. That is to say its graphic and all. I don't find that appealing. I find the mind and upstairs more appealing and yes, the body also, but the personality appeals to me more. Also, I don't wear my sexuality on my sleeve and do not go around advertising it. I like men, it seems normal enough to me and always has. Its natural and well I have had a few encounters when I was younger, but I lived closer to people then I do now. When you live in the dorm or in the barracks, or next door to somebody its there right in front of you. There comes a time when you want to have friends who share things in common with you. Sexuality I believe is a good reason to based a friendship on. I would not think gay friends any different then my current friends except they would know something about me my usual friends do not. Anyhow I am hoping this experience project will work out for me. If you want to start a friendship then we can.
mongojustapawn mongojustapawn
46-50, M
May 15, 2012