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Hey I am new to this whole thing, and I really don't have anyone to talk to. Just starting to accept being gay and would like to talk with someone who has or is going thru the same kind of stuff.
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I am available to talk or email 24 hours a day.

I always say dont limit yourself with a label of one word, you are much more than that. You are given a gift to see and experience more than most people, don't abuse it. Accept yourself as going thru self discovery. It's a growing process of becoming aware of who we are and accepting ourselves. Hopefully it will continue for the rest of your life. I think they call it growing, maturity, and being alive. It will be exciting and alot of other things. Hold on tight to your best buddies because they will help you as you will be helping them.

Have not read all the responses; but I will welcome you to the group of gay men who share stories and experiences here on EP. You can say anything about your sexual experiences, tell us all or withhold parts.<br />
No one here will be judgmental of condemning of anything. Some guys do things that may put others off but no one is forcing anything on anyone.<br />
<br />
It all goes, let it all hang out.

Welcome, I'm new on here too. Older guy but married heterosexually. If you wish, I will share more..just friend me and I will be glad to chat and to answer any kind of question you want to ask. Take care.

Look how quickly your finding friends to help. Hope all the advice and encouragement you find here is helpful.

Yea, there's a bunch of guys on here that are fun to talk to, and we've all had different experiences to draw on if you ever want to talk. I came on here because I didn't really have any gay friends to talk to outside of my live-in boyfriend (now fiance). I feel like it gets lonely sometimes at the beginning, but then you seem to develop a core group of people that you can talk about anything to without being judged. If your interested in talking hit me up!

here to talk if you need a friend, also your privacy settings do not allow anyone to friend you or send you messages. Realized I was gay in High school as well. I am a very open person to talk to and you can't shock me with any question. Send me a message if you would like and I will be more than happy to talk about anything you would like.