I Need A Gay Friend

I don't have any gay friends. Every gay person i met, was wierd in a way. They always seemed really cool but then when i get to know them alot better, i didn't like them. They always wanted to do it or they are really into drugs. I drink often but not alot. I just want to meet one gay guy who just wants to hangout and just have fun. fishing, games, go watch a movie. I don't want to meet a guy who just wants to get high all the time or just have a friend with benefits. I don't know if i'm asking too much. I want someone i can talk "gay" stuff and they can relate. I have straight friends who do listen but i don't want to make them feel umcomfortable, they say they aren't but i know they are.
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Not gay but like you I would like to meet n chat with gay or bi guys

thanks I would enjoy that but online chating is so much different from real life.

Some guys don't realise you can come out as gay without changing from the person you've always been. You might enjoy the occasional night out doing the gay scene but you're not suddenly going to start wearing pink spandex shorts and go round singing 'I am what I am' if you're not that sort of person. Why do some guys think that just because you're gay you're going to want to jump into bed with them? The ones who make jokes about that are usually the last person on earth you'd want to snog!

You carry on being you and the right man will find you eventually.


I know exactly how you feel. I have several gay friends, but when they find out that I've never smoked (and never want to) and that crazy-*** binge-drinking followed by hook-ups don't appeal to me, they treat me like some kind of fascinating creature who defies the laws of gravity (and then continue to pressure me) or like a child (and then avoid me like the plague). This is the plight of being a young gay in such a sexualized, thrill-seeking society. I'm sorry that you, too, have to deal with such issues. I'm currently hoping that the right guy comes along and things end up shaping out in a way that makes us both happy. Good luck on your endeavors!

what you may have to do is find yourself a man first. then the two of you make gay friends with other people. that way the guys you make friends with know youre taken and wont try to **** you. its just an idea.

I know how you feel. I came out last year and I am still trying to figure out where I go next. My therapist suggested I try looking for groups in larger nearby cities. I did some internet searches, found a LGBT magazine with a local-groups section and joined up with a hiking club. I have yet to attend my first hike, but I have high hopes. You are on the right path, avoiding the drinking and drug culture. If we work at it, we'll find our niche. Good luck.

Thanks :) I have too found a gay hiking group. Doesn't start till spring. Best if luck to you

I am having the same problem. Im in columbus Ohio and its a big party city. It is full of gay people. Im 21 and Its hard alone to find people my age who are like me. Ive been with my partner for almost 5 years and well its hard to find someone who doesnt want to try and be a third member... NOT something we are down with. I am looking for gay groups to join here but no luck yet. I suggest trying that yourself. :)