Are There Any Manly Dudes In Here?

In life I havent encountered so much gay guys who act like real dudes, its very difficult to find them and even more if they dont think in superficial stuff like sex, drugs and all those unworthy things.

The last one was pretty much manly, sinister goth metalish personality very cool dude, but it was to bad that he wasnt attractive physically, I know that everybody says that "what matters is in the inside" but that is false, why there cant be a mixture between the mental and physical issues???

Anyway if there are dudes in here Manly that would like to chat or something well here I am.

Currently living in Colombia but would love to meet ppl from all over the world.

See ya
zanaffer zanaffer 22-25, M 1 Response Jan 20, 2013

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Im sorry what does a gay dude act like..and why would it be acting??.to look at me you woukldnt know that Im gay until I got you in the bedroom..when I was growing up there was nobody to show me how to be gay!!!and what do you mean act like a real dude???