Questions To Gay People

Hi guys, i'm doing research on homosexuality, can you please help me with these questions. most of them might seem rude and disrespectful, but its been created by the research group, please be as honest as you can possibly be. Thank you. Please, if you feel you don't want to share your thoughts publicly, then email me. this is my email,.
I appreciate your help.

When did you come out?
How did your surroundings react?
Do you have a partner?
Do you aim to be openly gay in a public (hold hands and kiss?)
If yes, have you yourself done it?
Have you ever had any concerns or situations where you felt guilty? (From a religion point of view)
If yes, how did you overcome it?

Do you go to gay bars or clubs on regular basis?
How do you greet other gay people? (Lips kissing or just with a handshake)
What do you think of one night stand?
Do you sleep with others while you are in a relationship?
Do you think you would use the chance to sleep with other gay guys/girls if he sends certain signals (while you are in relationship)
Do you fall in love constantly?
How would you describe this particular style of lips kissing with random guys/girls when you greet them?
Which is the most significant for your feelings or sex?
How do you feel sharing your sexuality and sex life with others (including straight friends?)
Do you go deep into details?
Let’s say you are facing a separation or a recent breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend, will you allow yourself sleeping with others without resolving you personal issues?
Will you tell your partner if you cheated on him/her?
How long each relationship lasts?
What do you think of straight guys/girls? Have you ever aimed for a sexual contact with them?
If yes, have you had one? How did it turn out?
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

You ask so many questions, but if I can read between the lines, I think the reason for your survey is to confirm for yourself personally that there are some gay men out there who put friendship, sincerity and honesty above their own selfish momentary sexual requirements. It is my experience that most gay men want two things...a permanent one on one commitment and at the same time, the freedom to experience the spontaneous physical connection with someone who is equally horny, and on top of that, see no conflict between the two desires. Many relationships last because each partner understands that men can be pigs as well as soul mates. If you can reconcile these two points of view, I think you;ll find the best route to personal satisfaction.