Some Good Gay Friends Without Hidden Purpose (Sex)

Hello there. I am in relationship, my partner is a bit older than me. We have some gay friends but them all are much older, they are really nice people but sometimes I dont feel like I understand them or they dont understand me. and I was feeling like I dont have much options as either lot of people I wanna be friend with not quite understand me or and sometime when they talk to me it s so obvious that they wanna have sex or some people are nice but my partner shows sign of jealousy. I had some friends in my age range to but they were straight and most of them didnt know I am gay so I dont have enough friends ( I assume) and I feel so lonely. So here I am looking for some gay friends which I believe who would understand me the most as we are gay and someone around my age range but really it doesnt bother me as long as we understand each other. I am in my 28, have got a small business, buddhism ( not so religious and just pick what best for me) but also a little fan of God interested in philosophies, meditation, little bit of business ideas, listen to most music but those hard core one, like to make some quality or good heart friends to make us happy and to support each other event though we may not near each other but I believe that once you know that you have someone beside you, who you can think about, who you can call good friend(s) it will make a different. I believe that when we have a group of good people or a group of people who share the same or similar interest or believe then we can do something greater. Or if we are near by then we can catch up for drink, good conversation and good time.
Let me hear from you if this sounds quite right to you.
Thanks :)
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4 Responses Feb 8, 2013

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exactly what i'm looking for , i also like older men , so don't be afraid of that , i aslo already have partner , i just look for friendship send me a message if u ok with that

text me paul i need friends 07570855606

i've read your story,im from china (if you dont mind making foreign gay friend),i had some same experiences with you .but i 've never have a relationship, im 20 ,im somehow afraid of making bad friends who just wanna sex,but i know you are sincere person, hope to talk to u,junzhao94@gmail