I Feel Isolated

I need to meet new gay people. Anyone who is gay and not interested in hooking up sexually, please, visit my page and be my friend. I am the only gay in my family. I can't be trapped forever.

Witchteen Witchteen
18-21, M
5 Responses Apr 7, 2009

Glad to connect. Am bi/gay. Older but like to support young glbtq folks.<br />
Write when u can at rb71246@yahoo.com<br />

Hey If you ever need to talk or a friend add me , Id be glad to accept you in my "circle" loll . <br />
I know you feel isolated and its hard at times but here you don't have to be, this is a site where people get <br />
to connect with each other. And if you want any advice with the whole "coming out to your family" do it <br />
when your ready and only when your ready ... because rushing things is not going to help you, my family still doesn't know that I am gay and I am not planning on telling them before I'm like 25 . People come out sooner and others come out later it all depends on your background, heritage, moral, religion, etc. anyways .. I'll be your friend if you ever need one so add me ; ) .

Witchteen, I can identify with the turmoil you're experiencing. It has taken me years to admit to myself that I'm "different" and I still haven't admitted that I'm gay to my family and close friends. Do not think for a moment that yours is an isolated case. Trust me, I understand exactly how you feel. Send me a message soon, alright?

Hey...at least your trying..wish i could say the same...i'm gay but i have a gay uncle..i just haven't told anyone in my family that i'm gay too...it's too awkward and no on will see me the same...so your not the only one alone

Start to open it up with your family....It's hard to be a closset queen! you have to make a choice, because if not you then who? if not now then when? don't procrastinate your self folks!