I Feel Isolated

I need to meet new gay people. Anyone who is gay and not interested in hooking up sexually, please, visit my page and be my friend. I am the only gay in my family. I can't be trapped forever.

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I have been out of the closet since Feb. 10th 2009, my father pasted away in April of '07, and my mother passed away in May of '09. And wverbody else has accepted me for me, but there are no friends of mine who are gay, there are all st8. I, just wish I could find someone? The web-sites on the internet suck! I am not looking for just sex but I am looking for a LTR. And, believe me there's hardly any in WV?

I need someone to talk to..im new at this exproject

HEY!!! You are NOT alone. I'm a female bisexual, thats more into girls. But I can still be of some help, I HOPE! I tottaly understand the isolation thing, I come from a conservative christian african-american home and it is incredibly difficult. I just want you to know that if you need ta talk i'm here.

dude i am not looking for sex just some peple to talk to man

Hey! I cant believe it! You are not looking for sex! Awesome! Me neither! I'll add you ^^<br />
<br />
Actually, i thought all gay people were just interested in sex, but you make difference.

hi there I am not lookin to hook up but am gay and have been through the feelings of isolation you are experiencing so if you want a friend check my page as yours seems to have restrictions on who can view it.- belle