I am a bisexual and i would like to know how to make frinds who are bisexual, anthough i just though, hey i like both boys and girls. So how can you tell who is bisexual?

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i would say i am still in ways bisexual but would rather be with a guy in relationship, i am not sure why.. or if that makes any sense. many friends i have are gay and don't understand it so i feel i have to come out just gay to not make friends that are girls uncomfortable. I am 23 and have been doing things with guys since early teens. been in relationships with girls, but haven't been with them since i moved to college (4years)..i don't know how it seems.
to answer your question, I am not sure how to tell if someone is bisexual or not, I feel at times I know but than that could be me just wanting that person to be that way from a lust view.

I too would like to make more bi or gay friends

Yes,i have found it one big problem all my life,although i have always been faithful to the women i have been with longterm,when i have been single,although never married,have had longterm relationships with women,,two i have told,both found it sexy,but have had meet ups with guys for guy on guy sex,not love,i have never fallen in love with a guy,but just need the sex,and i have found the same with the guys i have met,,the first guy imet was gay,and he showed me the ropes,so to speak,,

caal me i wan 2 sex wid u

where are you from?

I'm from Spain. And you?

im exatly the same i go out with girls and when single meet up with guys for sex ive never felt inlove with a guy but i need the sex

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I would like to talk to you, I'm bisexual too xD