My Gay Life

You know im only 14 and yeah im in the locker room and people dress out and i stare for a long time but when they look at me i look away because i feel ashamed and i know im shouldent im dateing a girl named tori yeah i like her but i feel like she isent enough i like guys better and ide rather be with a guy then her i know alot of people think its wrong but u know what i dont care they can go fk themselvs because i like myself for who i am i may not be hot but im better then everyone who thinks gays or bi's is wrong my group that i hang out with at school is 3 girls all bi 1 is idk bi/stright/lesbo??? goth/emo shes weird but shes cool and funny and the girl im dateing shes bi and shes dated girls ive neevr went out with a guy but my dreams at night are mostly about guys and i like it  ide like to kiss i guy and maby get further but get to know him first im not a person to like jump in ther have sex and start dateing ..... seems wrong to me im like alwase helping my friends out with dateing/relationship probs i may not be a hell of a helpful person but i can listin and talk to u and almost help u wiht some probs i know alot more then even a 17 yr old should so comment do watever idc but just put it this way if u dont like my beaing gay/bi then dont comment because i dont have time for u people who are so stuck up and think that gay is so wrong its not its natural just like tonight my girlfriend came over me kiss dident sem like nothing me made out dident seem like much but hey. she texted me and said im horney can u rub my ***** u know people (guys) ur age would love to and i loked at her kinda pissed im like comming from a person thats bi sounds stupid because i dident wanan rub her but i sure did feel like pushing her off the chouch... so i did and she laughed.. WEIRDO!.. but anyways :] im stan my family dont know im gay because they think its wrong so ill kepp it to myself unless any of yall wanna talk to me about it im fine :D btw im not that hot or sexy so if u rate hot and sexyness dont talk to me cause im not that person. bye

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13-15, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Its ok just be yourself! U can do it buddy!