A Dream

To be honest I have many dreams and many hopes. But making music is probably one of the most unrealistic I have. Because to make the kind of music I would like would require a band and a lot of work. It's probably something that's unlikely because even though I have been told I have a good voice, it's not great. But I don't think I could live without it and to make some of my own would be great. I just don't understand why a lot of these crappy pop stars get deals. Even on America's Got Talent there's this guy Nathaniel Kenyon who started out playing guitar and singing. He wasn't that bad, at least until he put down his guitar and started to go without it. It just really for me took out the heart of his performance, he dropped something a part of something he loved to sing a song that just was an awful choice in my opinion for him. That is a great song, but it wasn't something he should have sang in my opinion. Regardless I find it's just really sad to see all of these pop stars making money and having no real heart in their performances. Just because that's what Hollywood thinks they should do, it's rare you ever find any great bands that have stuck to their roots. Anyway I find it repulsive and just disgusting to think that anybody would let their dream be molded into something that they never wanted. But I guess they're fine with it because they would rather just rake in all the money. I want to make music because I want to stay true to who I am and show that it can work. You can still be successful and be yourself without having to sellout. Anyway it's not likely it'll happen, but one can have a dream. If I get a shot at it though, you can bet I will go for it.
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Your music is only as good as you make it, brother. It does take a lot of work. <br />
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My problem is laziness. but ya get through it, if you're passionate about your art.<br />
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I bet you have a wonderful voice :)