Bigger And Darker Nipples

As you  all know my nipples are pink and I have milk still coming in  but I want my  nipples  even bigger  any help please message me..cheeky

Caleb619 Caleb619
26-30, F
3 Responses Jun 20, 2010

Biggest thing that i've heard of is using a "snake Bite kit' effects are permenant and the more you use it the longer/bigger they get.<br />
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hope that helps. i know exactly how you feel

Snake bite kit?
How does THAT work?

Have you tried pumping them

hi there love your big breasts!! we need more like you with your attitude!<br />
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this may seem weird but I'm stalking my son on here because he thinks i'm ashamed of him, but I love my son. <br />
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could you do me a favor hun?<br />
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He's going through some hard times and I'd love for you to put a smile on his face! He's got such an appreciation for very big breasts. I think you'd make his day! he's a pistol that boy- but he's a wonderful young man/ I hope you're not a fake EP'er on here i found him but he doesnt know its me. his screename is thebreastmaster , thanks madam. and please be discreet about me. i know i'm at risk even posting here