Large Areolas And Finding Peace

Hello to everyone. I am new to Experience and wanted to share with some. I am Japanese lady so please excuse my poor writing.
I have read many postings from women shy about their bodies and breasts. I also have large very large breast and areola and used to hate them but now I am proud. You can also learn to be proud.
My first husband was Japanese and teased me but my new husband has helped me be proud of my body. My old husband divorce me because we could not have baby but then I met wonderful man he is American and he taught me to love my body.
Even before I feel so shy because of my size. But my new love support me and loves my body. He calls me apple dumpling. Before I was ashamed but now I am proud. I even show off sometimes but that is not for this story.
Please learn to love your bodies! You are all dumplings for someone to love.

NewSakura NewSakura
36-40, F
2 Responses Sep 8, 2013

just be proud of yourself. You seem a very sensitive person too ! I would like to discuss with you about this experience and Japan on a general matter. If you'd like to have a long distant "mail" friend, please add me^^

Oh, please tell us about you showing off! I would love to love your body, too.

I am shy a little but it would be fun to share story. Where do i do that? Not all story but some.