Has anyone tried transfemme? I have started taking them but I want to know if they work (they cost a fortune). I also made a cream with fenugreek. I see some people here have had success with herbs but not many updates.
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Alasandsra, how much estrofem and spiro did you start out with ? And how long did it take before you noticed anything happening? I have started 2mg estrofem and 100mg spiro daily. Its too soon to tell but I have noticed that my nipples feel like they are bruised (only slightly) when I touch them. My understanding is that its a good sign ?<br />
I'd love to hear more about your progrees, thoughts etc

good morning hun, if you head on over to the "T-gurl coffee shop" topic I have some posts there that detail more about my HRT. Otherwise my featured story and the comments made to that first post has a raw blog style entries. The ups and downs, my last post was yesterday about my camping trip. I have a book in the works that is some 90 pages deep so far. My wife will be adding in a section from her point of views as a spouse. Hugs and have a great weekend.


lol, I tried all of that and had little results. I found an ausie pharmacy that ships and I got estrogen and spirolactone for about $85/month. Now that I am on HRT they cost me $20 co-pay as they are covered by blue cross. Now after 6 months I am a nice B and filling out daily as I can tell from the aching nipples. And yes my wife is very good to check them out daily to make sure all is well :)<br />
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If anyone wants the link msg me

aching nipples? i was taking finacar for a month 5mg and my nipples are very tender to the touch..and how much estrogen and spiro would i need a day mg wise?

saw palmetto is a natural tblocker and along with dong quai, black cohosh, and soy isoflavones i have had very good results. after a little over 60 days i am a full 38b, however i do have freaky high estrogen to start with so take that into account

HI . I would like to know more a but your breast development . I used breast active and got an incress to a 38A and some B cups . I also used saw palmetto at the same time . The girls at my salon noticed and my wife thinks that is enough. so I have stopped for a year now and they stayed the same.

I started taking fenugreek a couple months ago (3 i think). 2 pills 3 times a day. I started with No boobs at all. Completely flat. My chest was 38 measured around the nipples. Now I am 39... If i push on my little boobs I can actually get cleavage now where as before I was just pushing skin around lol. My nipples have not increased but do see a little bit puffy. when i feel them i feel like i have a handful now. But I still do not fill an A cup so I will keep going. But for me they do seem to be working.

I gave up the transfemme after not getting any results from a couple of months. Now I take Diane-35 and estrofem daily.

I've been taking Transfeme for one week. I am pretty impressed by the very tight feeling in my breasts which I presume is incipient growth (I hope).<br />
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I feel relaxed and less aggressive than normal. In a week I've gone from the kind of person who would have to ob<x>ject to someone pushing pass me in a queue no matter how big and tough they are, to someone who can shrug and say nothing. Previously I would beat myself up about such an incident for months. Not sure if the change is simply my imagining that Transfeme has already reduced my testosterone or real. What I do know is that I like feeling less aggressive.

wow. you learn about something new everyday

what is a good herbal t-blocker ? Do you know ? And what are the side effects ?

I'm on my second month of Transfemme and I have increased my breast size by an inch. Not sure how much of that is weight gain though as I have also put on 2Kg.

Did the Fenugreek do anything to feminize your hips and butt, or just the boobs ? The main reason I am trying Transfemme is because "they" say it feminzes all these areas. I considered taking herbal remedies at the same time but I don't want my boobs to grow too much before the rest of me becomes more curvy. Also, I don't know if they would work together. I have been asking around to see if anyone else has tried the Transfemme so I can get real feedback. Looks like most people use the herbs though. Once I have given the transfemme 6 months I will go onto the herbs. Its encouraging to hear that you have had success with them. At least I'm not wasting my time and money.

Fenugreek works but you have to be taking 3/3 times a day for about a year. I developed regular breast tissue in mine. You just have to be consistent and preserver.

have they change the size of your nipples. how many do you take a day ?