Husband Friends

Last weekend my husband had invited a three of his friends for dinner.
by a strange coincedence all of them could not come with there wives so my husband asked them to come alone as they just wanted to have a guys night out. so my husband asked them to come over to our place.

when the dinner was confirmed my husband came up to me and asked me that would i be interested in having fun with his friends. at first i was shocked as we had done this but never with anyone we knew. i thought about what if the word got out or what if their wives found about it as i was friends with all of them. my husband asked me to think it over.

but soon mu ***** got the better of me and i said that i will try.

on the day of the dinner i wore a trditional indian saree but with a very deep neck blouse and backless too and wore my saree below the navel.sarree s is an indian dress wich is draped around the waist and the the remaninig is put on the shoulder wich is called pallu.

friend no1 arrieved i went and i opened the door. he was dumbfounded on seeing me in this dress and kept on staring. i invited him in and he sat in the living room with my husband then i went aand got drinks for him as i served him my he got a full view of my boobs. then i took my glass of vodka and sat besides him. iwas constantly sticing to him and he was enjoying as well as scared as my husband was there. then i let my pallu fall as if i had not noticed it and now my breasts were visible in the blouse. i smiled and kept talking to him and he kept staring at my rack.

then friend no. 2 arrived my husband opened the door and asked him to go to the living room as he went outside to bring some beers.
he came and was surprised to see me like that. i pretended nothing had happened and asked him to sit besides me i stood up and got him his drink too. and winked at him. then i sat between them with both of them staring at my breast. then i put my hands on there legs and asked then would they like to lick my nipples. they were astonished and the refused. i told them not to worry my husband will no say anything and i removed my blouse. and they could not stop and each took a nipple in there mouth.

they became mad and they lay me down on the sofa as they groped me.

friend no 3 arrived

the door was opened as he cam to the living room he couls hear me moaning as the no. 1 was by now inside my petticoat and licking my *****. he did not think twice and no3 took off his clothes and took me in his arms and carried me tto the bedroom. by now all three were naked and the ripped my clothes apart.

then my husband cam back on seeing him they were a little scared but he told them to continue . my husband alos took off his clothes and came to my side and puuled open my legs and ask then to puth there ***** in me. i asked them to put condoms but my husband refused and told them to **** me bare back.

no1 one entered me first he was sooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooooong i was touched in parts where my husband never reached he ****** my so hard i orgasmed.

no2 entered he was normal but he ****** so long.

no3 entered he was very thick.

in all i lost count how many times i orgasmed that night.

then they all took me to the other room ans ****** me all night my husband did not go as he wanted to just hear me ******.

by three in the morning they all left.

and i returned to my husbands side and he fucke me too.

this is a true story.
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i like it

Wow. Very hot indeed. I would have loved to see that!