His Fantasy

My husband finally told me a fantasy (or two) and I am determined to fulfill this. He wants to have a ********* (or I should say many **********). The first one he told me about is having me and another woman. I would be with the other woman and he would be with me. This is very doable if I can find the right woman. Any takers???

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*********'s are fun...I bet you would have fun with me and my friend marvin...we could treat you lovely special...too bad your hubby probably wouldn't go for it...

Very cool twc, I hope it happens so. Remember, sex is sex. You make love with your husband and have sex with others. Nothing like a good romp!

we love this and have placed it on our things to do

Then make it happen. I love my husband so much that seeing him happy makes me happy. Just the thought of another woman making him happy makes me want to explode. Go for it tw, you will not regret it if there is unconditional love.

wow - my husband has also told me that he thinks of this often, i was shocked before i really listened to what he said and then read the comments here, we love each other unconditionially, and the part in the comments about the love, really sums it up for us, we love each other and want to do tings together rather than step out of what we have, i really want to make this happen foor us

Well lickity I can tell you that I really want that to happen. I would love to kick back and be taken advantage of by my husband and another man. What a turn on! Thanks for sharing.

Many years ago my wife and I got rather adventurous in our sex lives. Swinging with other couples quite honestly was not something we found that enjoyable or novel because with four or more people involved, everyone always seems to pair up and then its mostly one-on-one sex, just with a different partner.<br />
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I had already had several Female-Male-Female experiences before marriage. That was my greatest adolescent fantasy but the reality just did not live up to the expectations for me. My wife did not have strong bisexual leanings and just did not really get off on the girl-girl stuff although she did give it a try once.<br />
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I had quite honestly never had a Male-Female-Male fantasy. If you read any of my stories, you will see that our first MFM happened not entirely by design. After the second, MFM became my predominant sexual fantasy, maybe even fetish, and to this day, it is what gets me as hot as I can be. We no longer have sex with others but MFM is something you really need to consider. I have found that my reactions are not at all rare. Most men fantasize about FMF but end up enjoying MFM far more -- and I am talking MFM with no MM bi-contact. There is something about being part of giving you wife/GF/Lover such intense multiple ******* that are possible with two guys focused on a single woman.

I am happy to know that EP friends are reading my posts. Since I made this post we have not had the opportunity to get with another woman, man or couple. I took a short trip to another state to see my adult kids. Before I left I told my husband that if the opportunity came up I was gonna do me a woman (close friend) and have some fun. We have agreed that when we are not together there will not be men having me. Women yes, men only with him. I partied with a very close friend of ours and he brought along someone that we both know. Not well but well enough. Lots of booze and fun later and I had her laid down on a bed (no idea whose, don't care). Our close friend (male) kept trying to grab my **** and I pushed him away. I will not be unfaithful. I laid her down and ate her til she pushed me away. The whole time I thought " Damn, I wish D*$#@^& had a video camera so I could send this home. Anyway, to make a long story short. I got her all wet and stepped aside so he could take over. Life is good and it is easy when you have someone in your life that allows you to be you. No inhibitions for this couple ever again!!!

Awesome take on complicated situation, ST! Having been blessed by a wonderful and amazing wife who has made this, and many other fantasies come true, I wish you all the luck in the world! That moment of watching your lover experience the magic of another, together, is pure bliss!

Ok, so this one is a partial complete! We had the most amazing sex with another couple on Valentines Day. My husband and her's got to sit back and watch the master work. hehehe... When the girls were done the guys took their wives and ****** our brains out. Life is good!!! To be continued...

Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Very cool thought. I really didn't like giving blow jobs when I first started. Did it for many years and still didn't like it. Now with my husband I love it. I don't know if I made the choice like you did with pumpkin but I know I love it now. Maybe he helped me that way.

Well I think you are very brave and your story and ideas help me a lot - For myself I realise that I have to make this our reality not his fantasy or it will not work - Think it is something like eating pumpkin - when I was a kid I hated pumpkin - then as a student I realised I had to eat well or I would fail at want I wanted so I just decided to like pumpkin and now I like it in fact I really really like it - so we can decide things and then grow ourselves into them - it is very important to retain our own integrity however - externally go with the flow and internally remain true to ourselves.

You are very easy to communicate with, we think quite a bit a like.

Look after yourself on this - generate love - bring a person in - don't leave for something else as this would take energy from the marriage - love yourself love him When things are not good for me I remember that food clothing and shelter is what we do very day. Sometimes we love sometimes we don't , sometimes we laugh sometimes we don't - every day we eat and clothe and sleep ---- every thing else is just a bonus . Thankyou for taking the time to communicate with me I really appreciate it and I wish you all the best in your adventure.

Beautifully said! I have to agree totally. For me, seeing my husband, my soulmate with another woman will only strengthen our bond and that is a beautiful thing.

Thankyou - I am not into the " swing" either - indescriminate sex could never be my bag - I would find that uncomfortable and probably unpleasant - however bringing someone into the marriage rather than stepping outside of it seems a better position to be. For me it is an act of love for my husband and he of course sees that the same for me - I think this comes from his age and thinking I do not necessarily get what we had when he was a younger man. He just needs to learn that everything changes and i am good with that. I love my husband which is the only reason I can look at this for him - no now there I go again - what I have to say is for us-I have to say for me too - because If I am not "into it" as well the love will not be there and the gift will be lost. I think am coming to understand more how this type of activity could make a marriage stronger and more free but you have to get past the lust and desire illusion into giving and recieving - the sharing of energies.Its not a race or a gymnastic performance - it is s dynamic energy exchange - a gift

Awe well you have touched on one of his "other's". We don't want to swing, we want to enjoy each other and another.

Yes well my husband wants me to be "close" with another man - so there you go - i am trying to get myself around to something - so would not mind staying in touch to shall we say swap notes. It seems to be quite a big thing really - not something I had ever considered and now to be investigating this far I guess is telling my something about myself more than anything else. Thanks for sharing

I don't know where you are at but here in the U.S. you can Google "Swinglifestyle" and find a very useful site.<br />
Good Luck!

Love this story also. Too bad it's not a M F M thing. THAT would have been fun with you! Monty-Vancouver, Wa.

Oh I hope you guys can get it done! It is quite sweet when both members of the couple are into it! Thanks for sharing the topic.<br />

I have been trying, wish I could find an easier way. Yes he is a lucky man and I do believe he knows that. ;)

I hope you find that other woman. Your hubby is a lucky man.