This is a fantasy of mine too, but I actually brought it up to him last night.  He wants to **** my sister.  I am going to make this happen for him.  I am so excited about being my husband's pimp.  LOL

funwife funwife
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I wish i had a women who is willing to be my pimp

well it has been nearly two years and my husband and sister are still *******. her sex life at home is better but i love how much she desires to be with my husband.

well it has been nearly two years and my husband and sister are still *******. her sex life at home is better but i love how much she desires to be with my husband.

I only read the first ten comments, so pardon me if I am being redundant. If she hasn't had sex in over two years and is attractive enough for your husband to be interested. . . .her HUSBAND is getting laid elsewhere.

Good point BigMan1961. No matter how upset I am with my partner, I am still easy to get into bed. I can think of only a couple reasons for this - the obvious, as you said, he is having an affair(s).<br />
<br />
But also, could be something more serious. If he's not having sex because he is just not interested, (or because he can't), he should probably discuss that with his doctor.<br />
<br />
Or maybe medications that he is taking?<br />
<br />
Or, could he be confused with his own sexuality?<br />
<br />
But there has to be something more to his story.

I agree with you on this. It is unreasonable to deny intimacy to a spouse, and expect them to just go without for months or years at a time.

i've always found it amazing how some people are able to seperate sex from love, look at it somewhat blase. i had trouble with that one myself.

J - yea this is going to be an ongoing thing. If sis gets things straighten at home it may end but until then.<br />
<br />
goldie - I am good with it. They are just having sex. I am glad i can help her out and fulfill one of my hubbys fantasies. I did tell him if it starts to bother me they have to stop. If i can enjoy the filming then I know I an handle it live and I can join the fun. (NOT with sis). One thing, I know she is safe and will not be bringing disease into our bedroom.

i have a damn near sexless marraige too. some men are just clueless and/or dont give a ****. they are so selfconsumed and delusional that they think they really dont have to do anything to keep their wife. they forget she has needs too and that most women will go out and try to fill them. i feel bad for her but having sex with my husband would be too close for comfort for me. are you sure your ok with this.

does your sister know at all, suez68? if everyone is in agreement, that's cool, but if it's behind her back, do you think that's right?

I read your post how your story hit close to home. I am actually in an affair with my sisters husband. I actually love spending time with him, and he is such a good ****!!! I wish my sister was ok with it, and we could be more open about it. Your sister is a lucky gal, and so is your hubby.

so this will be ongoing, i take it?

bartaar - he did tell me all about it. he told me he ate her until she came and was begging to be ******. he said she was extremly tight. ate his *** out of her. he said he finished in her three times, and that she had multiple *******. I got so wet thinking about this. he is going to set up a camera for next time so I can see. Sis has not been to receiptive to the idea of a camera but he thinks he can convince her.

That would be a really hot video. The whole idea turns me on. So were they shy at first? Did it take them a while to let loose?

I got to talk to sis over the weekend. She said she really enjoyed her time with hubby. Said that she did not remember every having ******* like she had. He seemed to really enjoy the night too. I told them both if they meet again, I want a video of it!!

it's just now finally happening? i was wondering what ever happend or if it happened.

Now if that was me, I don't know how I would pay attention to my job. I'm sure you're mind will be elsewhere!

Sis is coming over tomorrow after I go to work!!!!!!!

Funwife I hope your hubby really appreciates what you do for him and gives you your just rewards :-)

LOL! i guess most men are lazy in one way or another. but when it comes to something like this, he needs to get unlazy lol. if i wasn't giving my man what he needed, it would cross my mind if he's thought about going elsewhere. people can go elsewhere when they're getting sex, let alone if they aren't.

Sis has never told my of any physical problems. Personally I think they both take their relastionship for granted. And knowing her hubby, I have no doubt he is lazy in the bedroom.

true, we get set in our ways as we get older. does her hubby have any physical problems that prevent him from having sex? or has he just become lazy? lol. i guess after a while, people don't feel the need to work at it like they used to.

Good point Jerrica. I mean she is really frustrated with the whole situation, but is a business woman, so the actual arrangement (being married) makes sense to her. She needs to see more grey in her life, but after 41 years on one is going to change her.

i don't how a person could think if they weren't giving their spouse sex, or whatever their needs are, that the spouse wouldn't go in search elsewhere for gratification. he needs to wake up. it must be terrible to be married and be unsatisfied. that's worse than being single and celibate. at least in my case, it's a choice.

Jerrica, I would think he would figure it out. She has told me it has been over two years since she has had sex.

it's none of my business, of course, but i can't help but be curious. why is he so neglectful to her needs? maybe if he knew what was about to happen, he'd get on the gun lol.

No I am afraid her hubby would be left in the dark. But if he paid more attention to her, she would not need this.

so i take it that her husband won't be privvy to this? hey, if everyone involved is down with it, then go for it.

Yes she is married too. Part of the reason I want to share my hubby with her, is because she has not had sex in over two years. I do not think she is look for an on going affair with someone else. My hubby can fulfill her physical needs, he is safe, and who would suspect she would be cheating with her brother in law?

you're a very generous sister, FW. is your sister married too? if she is, what about her hubby?

No, it would be just them!!