I Want to Please Him In Every Way I Can

The biggest turn-on for me is to see my guy pleased and happy. I have told him that and so he has let me in on a few of his fantasies and I have done anything in any power to make them come true. there is only one that I haven't gotten to and that is sex in a theatre. I am all for it I just need to figure out how to do that without being seen... surprisingly not a fantasy of his... so if you have any ideas I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks:)

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3 Responses Aug 22, 2009

In almost any big city, there are adult theaters where couples can go to have sex play. You can let other guys fondle your wife, *** on her ****, or just stay back and watch, your choice. There is safety in numbers and most men will see that no one gets too pushy.

go to a movie with lots of explosions, that will help with the noise. and preferably one of the theaters with the arms that can fold up, so you can lay down. sit in the back, and maybe bring a big coat or blanket or something.<br />
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what are the other fantasies?<br />
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best of luck.

Ok, well you have to give out a hint, so anyone might offer help??