A Life Full Of Colours And Variation Is A Good Life

just a little story to tell. when i was a kid, i remember having the fun i could have, when the world seemed bigger and theres was so many things to learn and discover. but as i grew up, i started to know the world more and more to the point life. life back in the was full of learning and so much to discover, but now as a near adult, i find that i need to work harder to be able to have the fun i wanted. it seems that those days of parties and balloons and party hats are over. it is expected that adults are these things who sit behind a desk, wear a tie, wear a white shirt, and talk very formally. I get so much flak from people because i am myself. people keep telling me to grow up and i look at them in their conforming lifestyle and i just can seem to listen to them. I will admit i am a little childish, but man, adults should be entitled to having fun too. what about the times when your parents would pay for you to have the time of your life, well now its me doing that. i dont have a problem with that though because i am a damn wallet to the world, more closely, to society. you know what. after i am finished with school and university, i am gonna have the most fun packed year, and do whatever i want, act whatever i want, and make friends who think the same. adults are not just people who operate machines and do paperwork in an office in their waking hours, adults are more than that. and to those who read this story, well i hope that you can find the fun in your lives and can be yourself and not let expectations leech away at your soul. thank you.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I agree with you. When people get older they usually forget how to be happy or enjoy the life. Young ones have the hope that future will be bright and happy, that's why they don't worry much. Of course adults have more responsibilities. Fortunately I can find joy in the little things, like family members coming together and telling eachother funny happenings. Laughing together is much better than laughing alone.