I Have To Forget About Him!

last time when i check i lied to myself that i have a lover but no i have a heart breaker, my lover use me to get everything he wants he doesn't internet access at his work he asked me to help him i did until now i realize that he doesn't care about me, doesn't take anything from he listen to my friend. anything that my friend tell he believe than what i tell him, i offered to give him my phone and see what she told him that am doing he denied. he makes feel that am fool. i do want to see him because i want to forget about him, but he make contact when he wants my help i hate that because its not going to be easy for me to forget about him.
Eddan Eddan
26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 12, 2011


Phephi nana. These are clear signs u must 4get abt him. He's such a loser and a user who can't see a good thing even when it's right in front of his eyes. U deserve better!!

When life gives you lemons squeeze them in his <br />
Face and tell him to **** off.