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Striving To Be Perfect

I know there is no such thing as being perfect but i find myself striving to be so perfect for my boyfriend. He is my first boyfriend ever and i know how his past girlfriends used to treat him, i just don't think he deserves to be treated like that, and i want to make sure he's forever happy and gets what he deserves. He's made a HUGE transformation from who he is now to who he used to be and the crowd he used to hang out with, he's trying so hard to do better for himself and for us, i want him to know that i am proud. I TRUELY feel like he should be treated like a prince or a king, he even has a princes name, and gets treated like such by his family. They are from a different country and for them the oldest son gets more responsibility, but also benefits that know one else gets. Since he was little he was pressured into finding the perfect girl for him, and now that he's found me, i want to live up to that, not for his family though, but for him and i. I try to look perfect for him all the time, especially when he comes home from work or when i see him for the first time in days or weeks. My hair, outfit, and our room has to be perfect and neat. I love having lunch or dinner ready for him for work, or by the time he gets home, if its not there i feel like i'm a bad girlfriend. I feel my best when i'm doing something for him, and even better and more accomplished when i'm tired or don't feel like doing something and i do it anyway for him, i can sleep better at night. I feel like i can do better because we've been together for 2 years and 5 months and still NEVER had sex. He's not pressuring me, though he does tell me he wants to do it, but he wants me ready and comfortable first. I can't tell whether i'm just scared, or if i'm really not ready yet, and at this point i don't know if i'll ever be ready because i'm already 20. If i could do that for him, i could be on my way to being a perfect girlfriend for him because he deserves that from me.
gardengirl17 gardengirl17 22-25, F 9 Responses Jul 20, 2011

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you might try browsing some of the excellent and supportive sites here for submissives, hon... several of them are on my profile

He is very lucky to have a girlfriend like you. In my point of view, sex is a small part of a great relationship. I'm sure I can wait till marriage, may be more, but don't know about your BF. In this case let your intuition to guide you.

thank you :)

u guys r in a relation ship from past 2 yrs n 5 months n not yet made love... this can be the reason u may loose him.u know what i m in a relation with my girl friend from past 8 yrs. yes 8 LONG YRS. n till today she haven't let me even kiss her...... n here i m in these sites straying n searching for some action........

well no offense to you but my boyfriend loves me and has said on several occations he will wait for me. I can honestly say i never knew a love like ours existed and i can't have sex with him if i'm not ready, its just not possible. He won't leave me, i can definitely say that. He loves me too much :)

i haven't said that i have left my girl friend because she not letting me have SEX with her. i said here i m searchng for some action. it meant that i still love her n ll wait for her to be ready, but i m willing to have sex outside our relation... n that might as well be the case with ur boy friend who is any ways older then u n have had relations in the past...

well my bf's not like you...he loves me and says all the time he's willing to wait till im ready. We do other awesome things in the mean time, we love eachother and not gonna give eachother up for something like sex

Hi Gardengirl, My boyfriend is also is the very same way as yours in some ways. My bf is Pakistani and as he is the first born son, his is treated very much like a prince. In fact thats what his name means! I want to be perfect for him too and he knows it as well. However he constantly always tells me that while he wants me to do things to make him happy, I need to be happy with myself in every aspect for that is the only way to make him happy too :) He appreciates all that I do for him but he does not want it to feel like I'm a slave to what he desires.

thanks guys. i don't feel so bad about making him wait so long anymore (right now) lol.

I agree that's why i was gonna wait until i was married...I think ppl just wan't what they cant have! All at the same time if someone likes you they like you depends on what u want from it to maybe you just want a little sex ha ha but no seriously if the connection is there it won't matter much but i see both sides i'm real conservative but it can work either way

Wait until marriage. It will make him go crazy for you and make you seem like a goddess in his eyes. Everything that is scarce in life has more value, anything that people can have easy quick access to anytime they want, they never appreciate.(i.e. air)

Gardengirl, sex is not something anyone has to earn, not something anyone deserves and not something anyone has a right to. It also will not make you the perfect girlfriend!<br />
<br />
Your dedication to him is admirable, but to be the perfect girlfriend, you must first be the perfect friend. That means being yourself. If you are not ready for sex, tell him so. He will appreciate your candor and better understand your position on the subject. Tell him you know that he is ready, but that you are not. Ask him to trust you and you will let him know when the time is right.<br />
<br />
Good communications is the foundation of a lasting relationship.

You have a very good point. If you're willing to try and do that for him you should talk to him about it. Just be relaxed and have it be a comfortable discussion. Also many internet sites have some very good information on first timers. My advice, just take it slow make sure you're both ok and im sure you'll be fine. Sex is a perfectly human thing and not something you should be afraid of. Hope this helps(:

thanks, it does.