For My Soulmate,my Love,my Life...i Too Had A Love Story

After an abusive relationship which ended 4 years ago, I was sure i wont fall for this trap called love again.I was hurt and low on confidence.But at the same time i was free and happy to have dumped him.
I met my true love 2 years ago,in my masters college.He was my classmate.We had our first chat on some economics article.I thought he was weird back then.His intense eyes used to gaze straight to my soul and beyond.
However when we became friends,i realised he is a great guy.
He was my best friend,always ready to listen,always willing to help me.

A year back,when he was going to visit his family during our summer break,i realised he was an important part of my life.He felt the same and he called me every now and then from there,even though it was costing him a lot.

He came back and was again a great support for me at that time as I had lost my grandfather during that break.After a month or so, we both started to feel some unexplainable bond between us.we could look into eachothers eyes and tell what the other was thinking.We were more than friends,then mates and then soulmates.
We did very productive things together,many competitions, events,presentations etc.we were very good students , especially when we were with eachother.And we were very close emotionally as well and before we knew,we were dating.We were perfect together to the T.

But, life is not a fairytale,especially for me.We can no longer be together.Call it fate or destiny,It is impossible for us to be with eachother due to many factors post our masters.Our association was a beautiful experience and I dont know how to handle the separation.
He says we are best friends forever and i know we are..but the love I have for him is much more deep.
I dont know whether i would be able to look at him as a friend again or not,but the thing i hate is to see him change,in many ways.He has stopped saying "i love u" for instance.He calls me by my name now.Maybe he notices or not , but i can feel the change and it is making me weird and sad.

After pouring out my heart like this,I can see things which were hazy in my head.
I have to let go of him even though its a near to death experience.
I just want him to be happy.Even if it is not with me anymore.
So just for you my soulmate,i am ready to let go of you and my life in you....I will always love you.

lonelyhopelessanddepressed lonelyhopelessanddepressed
22-25, F
Jul 18, 2012